[Lunch Limited] Reserved for seats only
[Lunch Limited] Reserved for seats only
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One swine recommended lunch also responds immediately with reservation! We are waiting for everyone 's coming in a menu filled with stomach and heart.

【One pork plate saucer】 1500 yen
9 kinds (Pork Hanberg · Roasted Pork Sai Nishiko · Hikiretsu · Pig Shabu Raw Spring Roll · Soup Roll Egg · Tuna Necromo Rice Kelp · Frozen Tofu Cold · Summer Vegetable Sticky · Kyoto Pickled)
Miso soup with pork and vegetables

【Pigs Hitsubushi】 1200 yen

【Pork hibimushi set menu】 1,500 yen
Mini salad
Daily change
Savory egg custard

【Yuba Don】 800 yen

【Yuba bow set meal】 1000 yen

【Hitoritokutsu-rice】 800 yen

【Hitotsuchi Katsura Dinner Set】 1,000 yen
Mini salad
Miso soup with pork and vegetables

【Dessert & Drink Set】 + 300 yen
Mini Green Tea Tiramisu

Coupon that can be used

  • 【Lunch Limited】 Mini Matcha Tiramisu 300 yen → 200 yen!

    • Presentation conditions
      No other tickets combined when ordering / lunch limited
    • Conditions of use
      Can not be used with other tickets / services 1/1 pair 1 / Lunch only / For those who eat
    • Expiration date
      Until the end of September, 2017