[Lunch Limited] Reserved for seats only
[Lunch Limited] Reserved for seats only
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One swine recommended lunch also responds immediately with reservation! We are waiting for everyone's visit with a menu filled with stomach and heart.


【One pig plate set menu】 1,500 yen

9 kinds (Pork Hanberg · Roasted Pork Sai Nishiki · Hikaru · Pig Shabu Raw Spring Roll · Soup Roll Egg · Tuna Roll Kelp · Frozen Tofu Cold · Summer Vegetable Sticky · Kyoto Pickled)

Miso soup with pork and vegetables


【Pigs Hitoshimi】 1200 yen

【Pork Hibumi Sushi】 1,500 yen

Mini salad

Daily change

Savory egg custard

【Yuba Don】 800 yen

【Yuba-don set menu】 1000 yen

【Hottest cutlet on rice】 800 yen

【Hitotsuchi Katsura Dinner Set】 1,000 yen

Mini salad

Miso soup with pork and vegetables

【Dessert & Drink Set】 + 300 yen

Mini Green Tea Tiramisu


Coupon that can be used

  • 【Lunch Limited】 Mini Matcha Tiramisu 300 yen → 200 yen!

    • Presentation conditions
      No other tickets combined when ordering / lunch limited
    • Conditions of use

      Can not be used with other tickets / services 1/1 pair 1 / Lunch only / For those who eat

    • Expiration date
      Until the end of November 2017